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General questions:

What is Collegly?

Collegly is an online academic platform for students where they can find relevant study guides for their studies and post questions to get help on papers they are struggling with. Collegly lets tutors that have the knowledge to help post their documents as tutorials. Students will receive offers of help from several tutors and study peers and can preview their work before making a selection.  

How do I become a premium member?

In order to become a premium member, you need to select one of our plans in the following page. Each plan provides you with free access to thousands of study guides for your courses and tutor credits which can be used to retrieve new and premium answers.  

What is the difference between a "Student" and a "Tutor"?

Students – Primary objective is to ask questions and get help with their studies to ensure their academic success!

We give users the option to register either as students or tutors so that we can personalize their account page accordingly. .

*You can also earn money by selling your own documents as tuorials.

Tutors – Primary objective is to answer questions, upload documents and help students.

Signing in as a tutor will let other users on the site know that you're available for tutoring, that way they can contact you for help with their studies. An academic hat icon will appear next to your profile picture to show you are a tutor and available for tutoring. That way students can contact you and invite you to answer their questions. 

Identifying who is a tutor on the site

The difference between a tutor and a student in regards to appearance on the site is that registered tutors will appear in our "Looking for tutors" page and an academic hat icon will appear near their profile so that students will know they are tutors and wish to be contacted for help.

What are tutor credits?

Users will be granted with tutor credits according to their selected subscription plan. Tutor credits can be used to retrieve and download "Premium Answers" from other users and for new answers to questions you post.

How does the rating system work?

When a user purchases a paper he will be given the option to rate the user he purchased from and leave feedback.  The rating system is built similarly to the grading system universities use. We use a unique algorithm to calculate the rating being given to a certain paper with relation to the price of that paper. So when a user receives a positive rating for a high value paper it will have more effect than a positive rating with a low value price.

How do I download an answer?

Each month, based on your subscription level, you will receive a number of credits for premium academic materials + 10 download credits for non premium answers. 

Click here to choose your subscription plan.

You can pay using your PayPal account or as a PayPal guest. Log in to your account to pay.

What does "Following" do?

Following users allows you to keep track on of your favorite Tutors/Students. Once you follow a user, he or she will automatically appear on your account page which makes it easier to contact or invite the users you like to participate in your questions.


How do I post questions?

Users can post questions in the homepage question bar or on the Ask Questions page.
Uploading a question gives you the option to post any problem you might have with your studies and open it for other study peers to answer your question. You can specify the exact details you need for your study requirements and we will find the perfect tutors/peers to help you with great study guides for your work.

Click here to Ask a Question

How can I find tutors to answer my questions?

Once you post a question, we will send email notifications to all our tutors in the requested category to give you their offer for uploading the best study guide you can get for your work.

You can find tutors in the categories you require help with and invite them to answer the questions you posted.

How do I know which answer to get?

We give our users the option to view a short preview of every document uploaded which can help you decide. We also recommend contacting the tutors before purchasing to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

I bought an answer, now what?

Use the answer you purchased as a guideline for your studies. The sole purpose of purchasing answers is getting the most relevant material from students and tutors that did their own research, can now help you with your paper.

When will I receive my answer?

You will receive your answer immediately after purchasing by email with the file. You will always have access to your purchased answers and the option to download them from your account page in the My Downloads tab.

How do I cite these answers?

You can cite any information you use from this site in the same way you would cite from any other website. For more information on how to cite please visit the following link:

Am I allowed to buy an answer and turn it in as is?

Absolutely not! We have a very strict policy regarding plagiarism.  Please click here to see our Academic and Professional Honesty and Integrity
We know how hard it can sometimes be to start your paper or to finish your paragraph. Study guides on this site are meant for tutorial purposes to give you a kick start on your paper.

Will I get a refund for a bad answer?

Collegly does not offer refunds for disputes on answers. We encourage our users to contact tutors before purchasing any paper and examine their profiles and ratings. See more details on refunds in our Terms of use.


How do I earn money?

There are 3 ways for you to start earning money on Collegly:

Upload Your Documents- You can start earning money by opening a free account and uploading documents you’ve already written. Uploading documents is free and there is no minimum amount required to start uploading. Try uploading one of your documents and you will be surprised how fast it will be for you start earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  We make sure your documents reach the right students that seek help with their documents on a daily basis .  In order to continue to maintain the site. We charge a flat fee for every paper you sell. See Fees page.

Answer Questions – Get paid for answering questions that are posted by students who need help with their studies. Select the categories you are strong in, and you will receive an email whenever a question is being asked on your chosen subjects.

Refer a Friend - you can earn $10 in Credit for every friend you refer to Collegly. Once they register and purchase a paper for at least 10$ your account will be credited with $10. A thank you token for expanding our academic data base, and sharing the knowledge.

Can I sell my study materials?

Yes, you can sell your own study documents as long as you have the copyright for that paper. Collegly follows a strict non plagiarism policy. The sole purpose is to allow students to use work posted here for research purposes only and to enrich their academic knowledge base.
The work is prepared by students and presented by the students themselves. The site allows students to acquire information and share information while maintaining copyright. Documents uploaded by students are not for forgery and fraud, but for use as a reference only, to enrich the academic knowledge base as a tutorial.

Does it cost money to start uploading documents and selling them?

There is no fee to sell and promote your documents . Uploading documents is free and there is no minimum numbers of documents required to start uploading. When your study guides are being downloaded you will receive earnings each month according to your ratings and amount of downloads.

Visit our Fees page for more details

How do I withdraw money I earn through Collegly?

In order to withdraw your money to your bank account, you will need a Paypal account which is the safest way to transfer money online. If you don’t have a Paypal account, click here to register.

Who retains the copyright of your documents after you publish it on the site?

Once you upload a document to Collegly, you still retain the copyright to the paper.

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