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Invite a friend and earn $10 in credit at Collegly



What's this about?

You can earn $10 in credit for every friend you refer to Collegly. After they register and purchase a paper for at least $10, your account will be credited with $10. A thank you token for expanding our community student base, and sharing the knowledge.

How do I participate?

Once you register, go to the "Make Money" tab on the homepage and click on "Refer friends". The "Refer friends" page will automatically create a unique code for you when you send an email from this page. You can invite up to 10 friends which can get you up to $100! 

How do I get the money?

After you've opened your account you will be able to keep track of all your earnings with our easy tracking system. Once the user you invited completes a purchase of at least $10, your account will be credited with $10 which you can withdraw at any time.

In order to withdraw money from your account you will need a Paypal account. Click here to open a paypal account

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