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SOC 101 Week 1 quiz

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SOC 101 Week 1 quiz.

During which of Mead’s stages of the self does a child begin to “become” a doctor, a parent, a superhero, or a ship captain?

Which one of the following statements is true regarding the subjects of Adler and Adler’s study of self-injurers?

Herbert Spencer suggested that sociologists should be highly critical of the status quo and should work actively for social change.

The word that Max Weber used to stress the need for sociologists to take into account people’s emotions, thoughts, beliefs, understandings, and attitudes was:

The statement “Eating fewer fats and carbohydrates will lead to weight loss” is an example of:

A sociologist observing behavior at a college football game would probably focus on:


The distinction between primary groups and secondary groups is not always clear, as some groups may have some characteristics of each type.

Rites of passage are:

Which of the following terms is used to refer to organized patterns of beliefs and behavior centered on basic social needs?

According to Herbert Blumer, the distinctive characteristic of human interaction is that:


SOC 101 Week 1 quiz

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