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End of Life Decisions

An orthodox cardiologist is in your hospital and is brain dead. Their living will states that he wants no services, however the family won’t allow to be done. Taking into account the role of religious leaders, community leaders, HIPAA, family and patient wishes – How would you proceed with this person’s care? In this paper I need to argue why it is unethical for him to be sustained on artifici.

PHL 320 Final Exam New 2017 (100% Answer)

1. An automobile company decides to do its bit for the environment by introducing new models of electric cars. The company’s long-term goal is to eventually stop manufacturing gasoline cars and focus on manufacturing electric cars. The managers of the company reached this decision after critically evaluating the effects of car fluids and car emissions on the environment. They promise to do everyth.

POS 421 Week 4 Comparing and Contrasting Microsoft File Systems Paper

POS 421 Week 4 Comparing and Contrasting Microsoft File Systems Paper.

Post PHL203 Unit 3 Quiz (Score 100%)

Question In consequential ethics, an action is right if it promotes the ______________. A. easiest profit B. best outcome C. will of God D. virtuous character Question 2 2 out of 2 points Consequentialism forges a link between _________ & _________. A. happiness & consequences B. will & power C.truth & lies D. universalism & absolutism Question 3 2 out of 2 points Saying that “we sh.

Post PHL203 Unit 2 Quiz (Score 100%)

Question Question 1 2 out of 2 points Deontological ethics uses human reason to derive ______________. A. facts, laws, or guesses B. principals, rules, or duties C. ideas, products, or styles D. thoughts, time, or space Question 2 2 out of 2 points Because they are based on human reason, deontological ethics are ____________. A. finicky and limited B. changing and subjective C. relati.

Post PHL203 Unit 1 Quiz (Score 100%)

Question Question 1 2 out of 2 points The Term Arete is a Greek word that means: A. Excellence or Virtue B. Good or Happy C. Pious D. Logic or Reason Question 2 2 out of 2 points According to Aristotle, the moral person cannot exist apart from ________ that enables him or her to develop the requisite virtues for the good life. A. A religious setting B. A social setting C. A political .

PHI210 Final Exam 2017 (100% Answer)

Question Question 1 Courtnie has been allergic to cats as long as she can remember; this requires her doctor to give her an allergy shot. On her 26th birthday she spends the day in a house with cats and has no reaction. Therefore the allergy shot has helped Courtnie overcome her reaction to cats. The explanation for why she had no reaction describes which of the following? Question 2 Cliff wants.


Question Question 1 Cliff wants to determine whether people prefer red apples or green apples. In order to obtain good results, he decides to conduct this survey at a car festival. Out of the 5000 people who attended the festival, Cliff surveys 10 attendees randomly. The survey reads, "Which do you prefer, red apples or green apples?" Seven of ten people surveyed answer that they prefer red appl.

PHI 103 Week 3 Quiz Answers (2017)

1. Mill’s methods claim that when there is a phenomenon or event that is regularly correlated with another phenomenon or event, then the two events or phenomena may be causally connected. Which of Mill’s methods does this describe? Method of agreement Method of difference Joint method of agreement and difference Method of concomitant variation 2. Which of the following is the weakest ex.

PHI 208 Week 5 Quiz (2017) Latest

1. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” what is it that some newscasters blame military women for? being killed in combat being raped not being able to have children being war heroes 2. In “Feminist Transformation of Moral Theory”, Virginia Held claims that which abstract concept has guided the development of Western ethics? The feminist woman The child of love The man of reas.

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