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Poiseuille’s formula

a. Derive the expression for the volume of the liquid passing per V seconds, V, through a pipe when the flow is steady. Assuming that V is proportional to (i) the coefficient of viscosity ? of the liquid (ii) the radius r of the pipe and (iii) the pressure gradient (p/l), causing the flow, where p is the pressure difference the ends of the pipe and l its length. Solution : Liquid Flow P+ .

Thomas Alva Edison Biography

The Life of Thomas Edison as a Scientist..

Which of the following is least likely be categorized as “science

Question1. Which of the following is least likely be categorized as “science”? Determining the qualities of a pigment used in a famous painting Determining the age of the marble used to make a famous statue Determining the aesthetic properties of a famous poem Determining the thickness of paper on which a work of Shakespeare was written Question 2. You notice that when the parchment paper o.

Physics Grade 11

Exam Practice with calculations..

HLT 362v Exercises 23 and 24 What is the r value for the relationship between Hamstring strength index 60s and the Shuttle run test

Exercise: 23 What is the r value for the relationship between Hamstring strength index 60s and the Shuttle run test? Is this r value significant? Provide a rationale for your answer The relationship between Hamstring strength index 60 degree/s and the Shuttle run test is a weak negative relationship due to r ? listed in Table 5 since r -0.3 per Pearson's Correlation Coefficient. The r val.

Computational theory of mind - philosophy

An argument opposing or supporting a specified topic in cognitive philosophy listed below. It’s not merely expressing an opinion, it’s expected to be written in an analytical, precise and succient in exposistion. Directions: A brief introduction to the topic of discussion, a single succient direct argument sustaining to the topic, a conclusion reiterating what the argument proved..

the discovery of extremophiles

a)Explain fully why the discovery of extremophiles was an important step in gaining information about how life began and in searching for life on other planets in our Solar System. B)In Article 1 hydrothermal vents are referred to as ‘thermal vents or black smokers’. Considering the physical and chemical properties of hydrothermal vents, explain what types of microbes are found at these ecosyste.

Explain laws of thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy, absorption spectra

Define the laws of thermodynamics. Include an example to support your definition. What is Gibbs free energy? What are consequences for a biochemical reaction when Gibbs free energy is negative? Explain the role of enzymes when Gibbs free energy is negative and when it is positive. · Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) has been called the currency of all living things. Explain what this statement means..

CO2 - environmental factors control stomatal movement

1 Explain how CO2 enters leaves. What environmental factors control stomatal movement? How are these factors related to physical and chemical properties that control the opening and closing of stomata. 2.What are primary stages in the photosynthetic carbon reduction (PCR) cycle? Explain the role of each stage. Draw a diagram of the stages by utilizing drawing tools in Microsoft Word to aid your e.

Time dilation in the gravitational field

This paper explains the various theories that are used to show the difference in time dilation on the earth's space and in orbit .

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