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COM208 UNIT 8 QUIZ 2017 (100% ANSWER)

Question 1 The ability of one person to influence what another person thinks or does is called Answers: a. aggressiveness. b. empathy. c. power. d. coercion. Question 2 Behavior from others that is unwanted and offensive, such as unconsented touching or requests for sexual favors, is Answers: a. illegal. b. unfair use of power. c. all of the above. d. sexual harassment. Question 3 O.

COM208 UNIT 2 QUIZ 2017 (A++++)

Question 1 ______________________ is the relatively specialized lifestyle of a group of people. Answers: a. Culture b. Race c. Religion d. Nationality Question 2 All of the following exemplify an individualistic culture EXCEPT Answers: a. the lone ranger, riding into the sunset. b. “looking out for number one.” c. “there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’.” d. the “me generation.” Question 3 0 out.


Unit 1 quiz Question 1 Using jargon or complex terms can contribute to _____________________ noise. Answers: a. Semantic b. Psychological c. Physiological d. Physical Question 2 _____________________is the verbal and nonverbal communication that takes place between two interdependent people. Answers: a. Intrapersonal b. Punctuation c. Interpersonal communication d. Self-disclosure Q.

Com208 unit 6 quiz 2017 (Perfect Answer)

Question Question 1 An interpersonal relationship between two interdependent people that is mutually productive and characterized by mutual positive regard is a Answers: a. mentoring relationship. b. workplace romance. c. romantic relationship. d. friendship. Question 2 In the friendship of _____________________, the relationship is transitory—the kind we have with classmates and neighbor.

The Design and Customer Experience in Bali

Describe the design concept and customer experience of the Author’s stay among the Balinese and being a part of the Balinese cock fight activity..

Com208 unit 3 quiz (100% Answer)

Question Question 1 Which of the following is NOT a technique of active listening? a. using “solution messages,” which help the speaker by giving advice b. asking questions c. expressing understanding of the speaker’s feelings d. paraphrasing the speaker’s meaning Question 2 In the sentence, “I might be mistaken, but I think you are putting that together incorrectly”, “I might be mistaken”.

Basic concepts and hierarchy of memory access

Basic concepts and hierarchy of memory access PART A B AND C.

Spc1017-Which group role functions more as an audience

Question QUESTION 1 Which group role functions more as an audience than as an active member? aggressor blocker follower evaluator-critic 4 points QUESTION 2 A process called __________ occurs when an experienced individual helps to train less experienced group members. networking mentoring shadowing apprenticing 4 points QUESTION 3 Which of the following statements about individual.

IT infrastructure

information technology infrastructure.

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